04 dicembre 2021


Ci fu una volta che ai Pere Ubu venne in soccorso il chitarrista degli MC5, Wayne Kramer: accadde il 13 settembre 1998 a conclusione del festival Fall of the Magnetic Empirecurato da David Thomas presso il club newyorkese Knitting Factory. Indimenticabile per chi c'era. Oggi un bel documento offerto a tutti in occasione dell'ultimo Bandcamp Friday dell'anno: MUBUC5.

"Your guitarist can't make a gig, what are you gonna do? Such was the case at the Knitting Factory, NYC, on the second day of the Fall Of The Magnetic Empire festival. What did David Thomas do? Call up Wayne Kramer and put on a one-off show that anyone who was there will never forget and anyone who wasn't there might never know about. Until Now. As part of our Official Unofficial Bootlegs from David Thomas' personal archive, this dusty cassette was brushed off, remastered and the gig is here for you in its entirety."