12 dicembre 2021


Torna disponibile grazie a Cuneiform Records l'album solista di Rick Biddulph pubblicato nel 1994 da Voiceprint, e divenuto nel frattempo di difficile reperibilità, realizzato con il contributo a vario titolo di Andy Reynolds, Barbara Gaskin, Pierre-Marie Bonafos e Dave Stewart: Second Nature.

"If our First Nature lies in the wild and lonely places, somewhere along the way we recognized our Second Nature of art and invention. The pieces on this album, some of which stem from work on music for emotive environmental films, owe much to this First Nature. I have a strong sense of location for them all. Due to unforeseeable technological circumstances inherent in the Second, much of what might be taken for keyboards on this album was played on, or generated from guitar and bass; much of what might be taken for drums was played on a keyboard. I blame the manuals."