23 marzo 2018

Chi oggi festeggia il quarantacinquesimo compleanno di Larks' Tongues In Aspic ritrova sul web le note di copertina scritte da Sid Smith in occasione della riedizione per il quarantesimo, e con esse la cronaca del topico momento in cui Fripp - impegnato in quegli stessi giorni alla produzione del secondo Matching Mole con un certo batterista - ebbe l'immensa idea di unirsi a due altri batteristi, Bill Bruford e Jamie Muir: "I suddenly thought ‘Well, Bill’s a lovely drummer but he’s perhaps a little too straight for some things... Then I thought of this nut Jamie Muir whom I’d just met, and I thought, well Jamie’s a great drummer but he’s not really straight enough for some of the things I’d like him to do. Now, while I was sitting in the bath... I suddenly had this vivid idea to use the two of them... and it seemed so right."

22 marzo 2018

Dopo le sapienti appropriazioni dei repertori di Soft Machine (Dedicated To You... But You Weren't Listening) e King Crimson (Crimson!) l'eccellente Delta Saxophone Quartet sfoglia il catalogo del Bowie del periodo berlinese - ma non solo - e se ne esce con un nuovo capolavoro: Bowie, Berlin & Beyond, fresco di stampa per l'etichetta FMR. Loro sono Graeme Blevins (soprano), Pete Whyman (contralto), Tim Holmes (tenore) e Chris Caldwell (baritono).

Scrive quest'ultimo nelle note di copertina: "This album is the result of the collective work of one saxophone quartet, two composers, an artist, and a sound designer.. all inspired by the iconic pop actor/artist/musician, David Bowie and what he continually pointed towards: the unknown. The Delta Saxophone Quartet was formed in 1984 and held its first rehearsals in SE London not far from Bowie’s Beckenham roots and his Experimental Arts Lab Project. The quartet has always looked to merge the boundaries of its sound world, often combining contemporary jazz, progressive rock and the avant-garde. A constant mission to surprise and experiment, looking to re-invent itself but being respectful to the ‘art form’, very much like Bowie.
This album is a ‘sonic’ and ‘ambient’ stroll through Bowie’s Berlin years and beyond. An Englishman’s ‘doffing the cap’ to the echoes of a European cultural history, a reflection on time past combined with the constant of moving forwards. A recognition of an innate sense of belonging but striving to be independent and creative too. This recording was made at a time when the U.K. has been polarised by Brexit and a breaking away from Europe. Hopefully when the political dust settles there will be a realisation that it’s our shared fragility and not short term power which unites everyone of us. Something David Bowie always knew."


20 marzo 2018

Un saluto all'inverno, magari con un Primitivo di Manduria: Richard Sinclair, e il profumo di Winter Wine.