26 aprile 2017

L'etichetta Dropa Disc, emanazione dell'associazione belga Sound in Motion promotrice di festival e iniziative per musiche di ricerca e d'avanguardia, firma il debutto discografico del trio PEN (Evan Parker, John Edwards, Steve Noble) contenente la registrazione del loro concerto ad Antwerp del 24 gennaio 2015. Ne scrive gran bene Martin Schray per Free Jazz Blog: "Parker has played with most of the leading figures in British improvisation, so it’s surprising that the trio with John Edwards and Steve Noble has been unrecorded, until now. On PEN Parker’s lines slip in and around bass and drums, blurred yet finely elaborated, like a northern light in a dark winter sky, bringing to mind one of Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings. Like Richter, Parker displays a fluency and ease - proficiency mastered but not on display. As Mingus once said: "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity." Whereas Richter seems to comment on an illusionary effect - the appearance of something not quite present - Parker’s more concrete. His tenor saxophone meanders and flows, as bass and drums flicker like stars. The music is tight and cohesive, with no unnecessary affects (one of the principles in his bands), as well as excellent timing. He lets Edwards and Noble prepare the ground before stepping into the arena, winding in a relaxed fashion through a maze of rolling bass and high speed percussion. Once warmed up, the trio progress effortlessly, with Parker’s softer, fuller tone, a characteristic of his more recent playing."


25 aprile 2017

Si estende anche a molti titoli Matchless e Confront la sezione downloads curata dal negozietto virtuale del londinese Cafe Oto, mentre si allunga la lista delle produzioni in proprio atte a documentare a campione la fervida attività concertistica: più di recente Carl Stone, Leo Svirsky, Ilan Volkov, Joëlle Léandre con Maggie Nichols e Roger Turner, Otomo Yoshihide con Hiroshi Yamazaki ed Evan Parker, Merzbow, Philip Corner e Phoebe Neville, Antoine Chessex con la premiata coppia John Edwards / Steve Noble, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Accident du travail, The People Band...


24 aprile 2017

E' pronto un nuovo libro di David Toop, ma non è ancora il promesso secondo volume di Into the Maelstrom (Bloomsbury, 2016); si tratta invece della sua autobiografia, e uscirà a giugno in Giappone in un'edizione curata da Du Books per Disk Union. Il titolo è Flutter Echo: Living Within Sound.

“My books are always personal” scrive David “Flutter Echo is different for being a way of examining my own evolution as a person who has worked with many different aspects of music, sound and listening for nearly 60 years. It allowed me to be relatively open about the way in which events of life, relationships, collaborations and disasters shape the work itself. For me it’s about change, learning how to be fluid enough to go where your collaborators and the works take you and learning how to be patient enough to wait for your ideas to mature.”