23 ottobre 2017

Phil Howitt - autore della storica fanzine Facelift, recentemente riapparsa sul web nelle sembianze di un blog dal titolo The Canterbury Scene(zine) continued... - ricorda i concerti e gli incontri con Phil Miller, e ne piange la scomparsa assieme ad amici e ammiratori: "Phil was a colossus within the scene – he’ll be sorely missed."

His CV almost reads like a wishlist of seminal Canterbury bands: first Delivery (with, amongst others Roy Babbington, Pip Pyle and Lol Coxhill), then Matching Mole, followed by Hatfield and the North and National Health. He later spent 30 years fronting his own band In Cahoots, itself a stomping ground for many of the scene’s key players: Elton Dean, Pip Pyle, Richard Sinclair, Hugh Hopper amongst them. He also briefly co-led Short Wave with Pyle, Hopper and Didier Malherbe and had a unique duo with equally dextrous long term collaborator Fred Baker. He was an understated giant within the scene and whilst his trademark calling card was those tortured electric solos, he was a fine rhythm guitarist and a brilliant songwriter – two of the scene’s anthemic pieces, Matching Mole’s God Song and Hatfields’ Calyx were his.

22 ottobre 2017

Sid Smith ricorda Phil Miller in un episodio, l'ottantunesimo, della sua serie Podcasts From The Yellow Room e in un articolo per TeamRock (Canterbury Legend Phil Miller Remembered), che così conclude: "Amidst the absurdly difficult time signatures of the music found on Matching Mole’s Little Red Record, Hatfield and The North’s two studio albums and those of National Health, for which he will always be remembered and associated with, his tone and the scurrying notes and chords which tripped and danced from his guitar were something that would make you smile as much as drop your jaw in shock and surprise at what you’d just heard. However, what was really attractive and defining about Phil Miller’s distinctive contributions to this music wasn’t so much the obvious technical ability available to him, but the way in which he managed to imbue it all with a quality that was self-deprecating, warm and welcoming. Much like the man himself."


21 ottobre 2017

Phil Miller ha donato suono e stile chitarristico distintivi e inconfondibili in ampie aree della discografia canterburyana, lasciando composizioni immortali specialmente negli album di Matching Mole, Hatfield & The North, National Health e In Cahoots: Lounging There Trying, Underdub, God Song, Calyx, Nan True's Hole, Nowadays a Silhouette, Dreams Wide Awake, Green & Purple, Above and Below, Your Root 2... Chi può dire di non averne amata - e mandata a memoria! - almeno qualcuna?